Lobster Salad

Lobster was on sale at the store so I grilled it and mashed it with some veggies and mayo. It was delicious.


Easy Turkey Kebabs

I made this super easy recipe for Turkey Kebabs. Since I’m using the Griddler – I haven’t been using any skewers. They taste amazing anyway.


Served with Veg (cucumber, tomatoes and onions) Raita and Naan.

Reshmi Kebab

One of my goals this year is to make great kebabs. Since I am too lazy to get the grill out, my in-laws got me a Griddler for Christmas and I can now grill kebabs indoors.

My first kebabs of the year is the Reshmi Kebab. I skipped using the skewers, but it still came out very delicious. I served them with roasted veggies and salad.



Original Recipe is from Titli’s Busy Kitchen.

Happy Thanksgiving!


We had a “beary” nice Thanksgiving this year with a couple of special guests wearing fancy hats. We had the usual fixings.

Haunted House Cake

Haunted House Cake

Base is chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream frosting.
Haunted house is chocolate cookie with royal icing.
Gravestone and bones are candy melts.

Bear Cake

IMG_0255Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Ganache and chocolate butter cream frosting