Our third bedroom is going to be our home office/library/craft-room/studio. It’s always been my dream to have a room that has wall to wall bookshelves. I measured this room a dozen times within an inch of its life, before we went over to Ikea. Since we don’t have a truck and Ikea is 2.5 hours away, I had this stuff delivered to the house.

The very nice delivery guys came and set all 16,000 boxes in the office. It was after that I realized that we had to move everything out before we could actually build anything in the room. Durrrrrr.

Office - Before

After many days of hard work during a very hot summer, we finally got it done.

Office - After #1

Office - After #2
That’s right! I have a conference table. Family meetings take place. The complaining about me spending money ends soon because the chairs are too little for my husband! I’m an evil genius, if I say so myself. Muwahahahaha!

The components of this room are:


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