Living Room Curtains

I hate blinds. It feels too college-y and they are a bitch to get clean. The real reason is that I just can’t work them. I’m retarded. So I wanted to replace all the blinds in our house with curtains. But curtains can get really expensive, so I decided to make some (not all, just some). I do love the way they came out. We also get to look at the curtains and sing Polka Dot Afro.


My mother brought me some fabric when she was visiting from India. She was supposed to help me make them, but she spent the entire week watching Downton Abbey and Sherlock, so I ended up making them myself (full disclosure – she did help measure and cut them, while watching Downton Abbey).

Stitching the polyester & silk blend was the biggest I used fusing tape to hold the fabric in place so that I could actually stitch it. Then I ripped out all the fusing tape.


I was so exhausted doing the stupid sheers (it took me a day to each one of them), so we went and found some gold-ish curtains at Target. We had to go to three targets to get 4 panels because they never had enough of the right color and right length at a single store. They were too long, so I did adjust the hems on these. We don’t have black-out curtains here, because I like the light in the living room (one of the main reasons we bought this house).


The rods are from Lowe’s. We went on a shopping spree one time and went out and bought curtain rods for all the rooms in one go. They are double rods, that are not too plain and not too fancy. So, they do accommodate the sheers and the panels without having to get the cheap & ugly white sheer rods.



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