Dining Table – Finally!

After living in the house for 19 months, we finally got a dining table. The best part about this is that my husband will no longer be getting concussed on a weekly basis by the lamp!


I love how it came out! Our table is BJURSTA, and our chairs are the HENRIKSDAL, all from Ikea (of course!). We didn’t care for any of the chair cover colors/textures and prices. So I did some research (It’s Great To Be Home, Teal & Lime, and of course YHL) and we decided to run with it.

We got a couple of the plain white chair covers from Ikea and tried to dye it with Crimson iDye.  We didn’t love how it came out from the washing machine, so we went and bought a giant stock pot from Walmart for $10 and boiled the seat covers on the stove. And by “we”, I mean my husband did. It took about one hour for each chair cover. He also used a fixative to hold the dye in and avoid future stains (someone in this family spills). I finished it off by stenciling on the designs, which also took me about an hour for each chair cover.

White Chair Cover = $10,
Crimson iDye (413-Crimson) = $3 x 6, (1 packet per chair cover)
iDye Fixative = $3 x 2 (2 jars in total)
Two Pots of Metallic Bronze = $6 x 2
Martha Stewart Stencil  = $5 (from Michaels)
Stockpot of Dyeing = $10 (from Walmart)
Total per Chair cover = $18.5 vs. a plain tomato red for $40 from Ikea.



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