It’s Paula Deen Y’all

Walmart had this 23 piece Paula Deen for $100 on Black Friday. I didn’t make it to Walmart on Black Friday (we’re too busy at Target and then our car Bootle Bumtrinket decided to be difficult and we had to wait in the cold for a tow-truck). Luckily it was also available on for the same price on Cyber Monday. I love that it is red, so that it matches my Kitchen Aid stand-mixer.

It's Paula Deen Y'all

I had to take out some of our older pots that were no longer in good condition. I still didn’t have the heart to throw out all of them, so I tried to maximize the space in pots & pans cabinet. I really love how nice & shiny they are – I almost can’t bring myself to use them yet!

This is a functional system, and unless I want my pressure cookers or stock pots in the back, I have to move at the most one pot to get to anything I want. I think it’ll do very all, at least I get my dream set-up 🙂

Paula Deen in the House!

Alejandra has a great video on organizing pots and pans.


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