Shamrock Puffins

My husband really loved the puffins that I made last time, so since I had some extra buttermilk laying around I decided to make some more. This time, I skipped the chocolate ships and put in some greed food coloring and St. Patty’s sprinkles instead. I baked it in the Mini Shamrock Shaped Silicone Cake Pan (that I bought for $5 in July – Woot for off-season shopping!)

2013 03 Puffins (1)

I took these pictures in a hurry, since someone was super hungry! With the rest of the batter, I made some regular green puffins that I’ve frozen so he can eat it during the rest of the week.

2013 03 Puffins (2)

And getting into the spirit, I also tattooed a banana 😀 Now’s it a St. Patty’s Banana. It’s a temporary tattoo that I got from Target for $2 for a pack.
2013 03 Tatooed Bananas


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