So, this is late for February’s IHeartOrganizing‘s monthly organizing kitchen challenge. But, (a) Spring break  was this week, (b) Better late than never (c) I’m lazy.

I actually organized my fridge some time last summer. This week, I did

  • The bi-monthly clean out and wipe up
  • Laid down some shelf liners– [I got mine at Walmart]. They are not as pretty as the Fridge Coasters, but they are much cheaper and hopefully will do the same job.
  • Some mild re-organization and re-labeling. Since I’ve started doing Bentos, I wanted to dedicate some space to my stash.

There are lots of more Fridge Organization Ideas over on Pinterest! with many attractive and neatly organized refrigerators. Mine may look like a hot-mess in comparison, but this is a bonafied Indian fridge of a person who cooks a lot. I snoop around people’s homes a lot, and have yet to see an Indian fridge that is full of neatly lined pre-packaged food. That doesn’t happen. My fridge organization system is based on the principle of “a place for everything and everything in it’s place”. This is how it looks all the time – it is not staged (except for making things face the right way).


Fridge Main

Fridge Door

Top Shelf
Fridge Door (1)
Lunch Stuff
Fridge Door (2)
Ethnic Things
Fridge Door (3)
We’ve got Mexican, Chinnese, Italian and Indian stuff crammed in there.
Cooking Helpers
Fridge Door (4)
The Good Stuff
(at the bottom shelf, to facilitate bending down)
Fridge Door (5)
Heinz – For my Pittsburghers husband who believes that Ketchup is a food group, and only Heinz is the only true ketchup
Maggi Hot & Sweet – For me, because it *is* different

Fridge Shelves

Top Shelf
Fridge (1)
My trusty salad spinner is Tokig from Ikea for $3.99, and does the same job as any $40 one from BB&B
Milk, Eggs, Etc.
Shout out to Clucky my egg-carrying chicken friend in the back of the fridge. She’s from World Market.
Fridge (2)
   Fridge (2) Closeup
Yoghurt & Lunch Supplies
Fridge (3)
I’m taking a break from Bento this week, but this is where all the pre-prepped stash goes. I also keep some sandwich fixings for the husband in case he makes his own lunch.
Cheese & Butter
Fridge (5)   Fridge (4) Closeup
My husbands favorite shelf and label. I ❤ Jerry. I keep an obscene amount of butter at hand for impulse baking.
Fridge (6)
Meat & Fish
Fridge (7)


Freezer Main
Freezer (1)
Frozen Vegetables
Freezer (2)
These are the multipurpose bins from the Container Store. I got this idea from IHeartOrganizing.
Chicken & Seafood
Freezer (3)
Frozen Foods
Freezer (4)
Ice Cream & Frozen Fruit
Freezer (5)



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