So, this is late for February’s IHeartOrganizing‘s monthly organizing kitchen challenge, but here is my pantry. I have a huge pantry in my kitchen. I love it and it is one of the reasons we bought the house. I got lots of red baskets from the Dollar Tree and Target. The other bins and jars are from Ikea.
I love how it turned out and just like looking at it.

Top Shelf
The transparent boxes are SAMLA from Ikea.
I keep my extra box mixes, baking supplies and bulk spices up there. It’s stuff that I don’t need too often, but still easily accessible.
Second Shelf
Dollar Tree Baskets. They are flimsy, but they do the job.
I keep my onions and potatoes, tomatoe sauce, extra pasta, etc., in these baskets.
Pantry (1)
Third Shelf
I store all my staples (a lot of them are indian lentils and carbs) in the Korken Jars from Ikea.
I made chalkboard labels for jars [inspiration and how-to tutorial, and another, and a more permenant option and a lid-version]. Some labels are in Hindi – because I’m bi-lingual like that.
Fourth Shelf
I’ve got two 18-inch Copco Lazy Susans, and a Cansolidator.

We don’t use too much canned stuff (primarily tomatoes, beans, potatoes & beets and cocount milk), but I do have lots of jars. The left Lazy Susan is vinegars and other cooking helpers. The right Lazy Susan contains all the Indian sauces, pickles and chutneys, pasta sauces.

Pantry (2)
Bottom Shelf
I got these pretty baskets from Room Essentials from Target.
I keep our extra condiments (that I buy when they are BOGO), extra coffees, teas and sweetners, snacks and ofcourse Ramen Noodles. Got to have the Ramen Noodles.
The large baskets are from Target [I can’t find the link online, and I don’t think they have them anymore in the store either. Sad Face]. I keep my store of chips and snacks in them, along with the extra staples (bags of flour, lentils, etc.). I have a smaller dollar tree basket in the corner for bulk rice in the back. I also keep all the big oil jars here as well.
Pantry (3)

There are lots of more Pantry Organization Ideas over on Pinterest!


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