Baking Area (Part 1)

Half my kitchen is dedicated to baking. Over the past year, I’ve managed to accumulate a lot of baking equipment. I have a double cabinet and two bookshelves dedicated to baking.

Bread Maker & Stand Mixer
I bought my husband the breadmaker for his birthday about 4 .5 years ago. It is used quite frequently, since he likes sandwiches for lunch. Santa Claus saw the Kitchen Aid on sale for $200, and so he bought it for me last Christmas.
Drawer 1: Baking Tools
Drawer 2: Decorating Tools
Right Cabinet
Cookie sheets and trays and measuring cups. On the half-shelf in the back, I have all my baking supplies that need to be stored in a “cool dark place”. I got the baskets from Walmart and labeled them. Because that’s what I do.
Right Cabinet
I got a couple of the large slide out organizers to store my sprinkles. I also figured out that keeping the rolling pins in a crock keeps them from causing trouble and falling on things. The spray bottle is a new edition from the dollar section at Target. It’s for preparing royal icing.

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