Baking Area (Part 3)

My second set of shelves (from Ikea but no longer available) store my cookbooks, recipe binders, and cookie cutters.

Cookie Shelf
Last summer Target had shoe-boxes with red lids. I went and bought too many and I organize my cookie-cutters and other baking things in them. I made the labels in Photoshop and “laminated” them and stuck them on with double-sided tape. That they come of nice and clean and I can change them around as needed.
Top Shelf
Charlie Brown & Snoopy cookie jar and a small hoop embroidery with our names.
Cookie Shelf (1)
Second Shelf
Cookbooks and wrappers.
Cookie Shelf (2)
Third Shelf
Recipe binders and cookie cutters. I also keep my slipats rolled up in the shoe-boxes to keep them clean.
Cookie Shelf (3)
Bottom Shelf
More cookie cutters and super-sized cook books.
Cookie Shelf (4)

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