Chocolate Cake Waffles!

I saw this on Pinterest and decided to try it. I’m happy to report that it worked.

2013 06 Chocolate Waffles
Ingredients: Chocolate box mix batter made according to the instructions and put it in the waffle maker. Deliciousness!



  1. Oh my gosh! o.O! My very favorite motel chain to stay in while traveling are Micro-tels, mostly because they have free make-it-yourself waffles. Seriously. Second is free wi-fi. — It was only recently my husband mentions that since this (sadly!) is usually one of my vacation high-lights, that maybe I actually purchase a waffle maker of my own. What?! I have no idea why it never occurred to me such wonder could happen in my own home. — I still don’t have a waffle maker yet (holding out for a fancy flip one on sale!) but this post has definitely made up my mind that I MUST have one. Have you done any other flavors?

    1. We registered for all sorts of appliances for our wedding (including a deep fryer), so that is why I have a waffle iron. It is fun but a pain to clean. I only ever make chocolate waffles and that is all my husband requests.

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