Home Office/Library/Craft Room/Lego Room (Part 1)

The big project for this summer was to get the office room functional. For the past two years, after minimal organization it had turned into the official dumping ground. That title has now been proudly reclaimed by the garage.

One wall of this room is my dream bookcase. The Lazy Indian Cook Public Service Announcement (TLICPSA): Kids stay in school (for a total of 24 years) and dreams do come true. When I was little, I didn’t dream of weddings or husbands, I dreamed of bookcases. True Story.

The bookcases is very empty because all my books are in a DIFFERENT COUNTRY-CONTINENT-ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD. Boo! Acccio Books!

2012 07 Office Organization (3)

I have never had a bookcase to work with before, so I did some research. This is what other people said about this process:
Step 1: Clear out all the books and other stuff. I did this, and purged a bunch of books that I had duplicates of or was sure I am never going to read.
Step 2: Put all the books back in and set them up by color/size/aesthetics. <BEGIN RANT> This advice is wrong. Everyone is entitled to their opinion/taste, but in this case it is WRONG. Anyone who styles book cases by color or size is a philistine and should be allowed near books and possible should get off this planet at their earliest convenience. That includes you ❤ Nate Berkus ❤ </END RANT>  Ideally, I would have use the Dewey Decimal system, but I was too lazy.  The first two bookshelves (on the left) are non-fiction. I just put in books by type and frequency of use. A lot of these are my husbands books too. The rest of the three shelves are fiction, organized alphabetically by author’s last name.  I have teeny tiny labels on each shelf to help me (cough – actually my husband) remember where stuff goes. Done
Step 3: Put all your knick knacks etc. back on the bookshelf. I randomly put stuff back because I have zero styling skills. In case you are wondering why  I have some many As and Zs on there (it’s not because I love Azze) but those are mine and the husband’s initials. We have love from A to Z.  White ceramic-ish elephant animal thing shout out to Sherry @ Young House Love.  There is lots of legos on there too.

This is what the bookcase looked like when I was working on the bookcase. I ❤ Post-Its2012 07 Office Organization (2)



  1. Hi! This is Felicia (red-headed chick) from the library. – Wow, I’ve got book bookshelf envy for sure! Definitely swoon-worthy. They look fab! – Thanks so much for sharing your blog with me. You’re awesome!

  2. I have more music than I do books really, and I organize them by genre, then by artist (by favorability!), albums in chronilogical order of release. – I love your A and Z collection, especially the metal stencil looking ones!

  3. Thanks Felicia! My husbands CDs are all organized alphabetically (they are all from the same genre: seattle grunge and/or angry-white-guy music) that in drawers near our entertainment center. I think the stencil ones are from Urban Outfitters.

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