Organizing Printed Photos

I’ve got some printed pictures. Probably not as much as most people, but I have gone through phases of “I must take pictures of everyone constantly”. These are picture from film days, because I print very few pictures and when I do print them, they go into scrapbook albums,

My pictures were kind of organized from before, into ziploc bags. But then they went into a box and then lots of other crap went into the box. It was time to redo stuff. This is what I came up with.

Step 1: Empty box of photos and crap.
Step 1.5: Forget to take picture of box and/or crap.
2013 07 Photograph Organization (2)

Step 2: Spend the whole day going through photos, taking pictures of funny ones and spamming your best friend and her new husband with embarrassing pictures from the 90s. Also, throw out pictures of (a) people you don’t recognize/whose name you can’t remember (b) the inside of your purse/lens cap (c) a$$hole ex-friends of your bff (d) out of focus/blurry pictures.
2013 07 Photograph Organization (1)

Step 3: Group pictures into random envelopes. I do this chronologically or by event.
2013 07 Photograph Organization (5)

Step 4: Put envelopes in boxes (preferably from Ikea) and label them. I’ve labeled them by life events: Childhood & High-school, College, Graduate School, Wedding & Honeymoon (which got its own box, because you know – lots of pictures of the last time we were thin-ish), and then 5 year increments.  I put in my digital picture backups (CDs) into these boxes as well, so everything is together can be found easily.

Step 5: Find place for boxes. Take another picture.
2013 07 Photograph Organization (4)


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