Lazy Sushi Bowl

My standard order at my favorite Asian restaurant is the sashmi (tuna and salmon) and rice bowl. Unfortunately, we’ve blown our “eating-out” budget for the next couple of months (thanks a lot Chicago!) I had some of the ingredients at home and I made a bunch of sushi rice, so I decided to try making myself the rice bowl myself.

2013 09 Rice Bowl


  • Sushi rice (depending on appetite)
  • Smoked salmon (I don’t keep sashimi grade salmon at home)
  • Seaweed Salad – My favorite part. I got a giant box of it from Costco
  • Spicy Mayo
  • Roe/Caviar – the restaurant uses the orange one, but I only had black and green
  • Optional (Not available at home today): Avocado/Cucumber


Step 1: Put all ingredients in a bowl.
Step 2: Empty contents of bowl into mouth.


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