Christmas Cookies

I can no longer send a plate of Christmas cookies to my husband’s office because one of his colleagues will eat ALL the communal food before 10AM. Since I still want to send the rest of the people Christmas cookies, I decided to send everyone a personal cookie pack.
2015 Christmas Packages (4)

Everyone got a couple of sugar cookies (one with their initial), a couple of oatmeal cookies and a couple of chocolate chip cookies. The husband and I spent an hour wrapping all the packages.
2015 Christmas Packages (1)

I made slightly bigger packages for my assistants and some friends.
2015 Christmas Packages (2)

This is a package for people at my office.
2015 Christmas Packages (3)

I may have baked a few hundred cookies. I definitely used 5lbs of butter.
2015 Christmas Packages (5)


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