Anniversary Hoops

For Valentine’s Day this year, I made these two hoops for our two wedding anniversaries. We had a court wedding, followed by a Hindu Temple wedding. I got the idea from Etsy shops: ScarletPyjamas and loveandbeststitches and YouMakeMeSewHappy,  as well as Feeling Stitchy. Instructions for making your own can be found from Martha Stewart (of course).

2014 02 Anniversary Hoops (2)

2014 02 Anniversary Hoops (1)

2014 02 Anniversary Hoops (3)

I also made a bonus Snoopy mini-hoop. Patter

2014 02 Snoopy


Paul was my husband’s favorite movie from 2011, and “It’s Probing Time” was his favorite line (and “God-bothering Cyclops”).  So I made him this cross-stitch for our 3rd anniversary.

Inspired by the amazing patterns at WeeLittleStitches on Etsy. Initially, I got the idea from her Shaun of the Dead pattern, since it’s basically the same guys with different hair.  I drew out everything on a graph sheet then stitched it out. I recently saw that she has a Paul pattern too, which is awesome and not lame-ish like mine (but my quote is better :D).

My frame is $7 from TJ Maxx.



Polkadot Afro Cake

If you don’t know what Polkadot Afro, please see this video. I made this cake for our third anniversary. I saw this idea on Pinterest on our pre-anniversary vacation and bought the cake-pop pan from WorldMarket on the way home. I love the way it came out.

Ingredients: White cake mix with vanilla pudding mixes, and butter cream frosting with food coloring.

Inspiration: Once Upon A Pedestal

Tips on getting the best results from the cake-pop-pan: Maymay Made It. If the directions on the cake-pop-pan are too vague, then this is a good video to watch.

2012 08 Polka Dot Circus Afro Cake (3)

2012 08 Polka Dot Circus Afro Cake (1)

And some OCD baking and Ikea Love.

2012 08 Polka Dot Circus Afro Cake (2)

UPDATE: I found another cute Madagascar Marty Cake.