Photographer Cake

My friend and colleague is an avid photographer and kind of got me into it as well. I’ve been meaning to make her a cake for a while, but I was very intimidated by the camera cakes I saw on the Internet. Then, I saw this, which seemed something that I could possible do.  I modified the hair to look more like my friend and put her in an outdoor environment.

This is a vanilla cake with vanilla butter cream frosting. Details are also butter cream frosting with some fondant and flower sprinkles.

2014 02 Photographers Cake (2)

2014 02 Photographers Cake (3)

2014 02 Photographers Cake (1)

Insider photography related details: I made the background all blurry, because that is what you get with a low aperture and I put in some clouds to make sure her pictures would come out well. She also likes macro-photography, so I threw in some flowers for her to take pictures.

Polkadot Afro Cake

If you don’t know what Polkadot Afro, please see this video. I made this cake for our third anniversary. I saw this idea on Pinterest on our pre-anniversary vacation and bought the cake-pop pan from WorldMarket on the way home. I love the way it came out.

Ingredients: White cake mix with vanilla pudding mixes, and butter cream frosting with food coloring.

Inspiration: Once Upon A Pedestal

Tips on getting the best results from the cake-pop-pan: Maymay Made It. If the directions on the cake-pop-pan are too vague, then this is a good video to watch.

2012 08 Polka Dot Circus Afro Cake (3)

2012 08 Polka Dot Circus Afro Cake (1)

And some OCD baking and Ikea Love.

2012 08 Polka Dot Circus Afro Cake (2)

UPDATE: I found another cute Madagascar Marty Cake.