Home Office/Library/Craft Room/Lego Room (Part 2)

The closet has been converted from a regular bi-fold closet door to this nirvana of drawers.  I now have all my stuff neatly organized drawers. Some of the drawers need to be organized a little better before I take pictures, but right now everything has its place and is so beautiful.

The peg-board on the side needs some work, mostly because I put everything into drawers and now I have nothing to put on the pegboard. Muwahaha.

2012 07 Office Organization (5)

Closet Breakdown: We took out the doors and painted the inside of the closet a slightly dark grey than the rest of the room and added the following.

  • Drawers: Alex Unit with 9-drawers from Ikea. We used three of them (27 drawers!) and put them straight in. I could have fit one more in, but it would have been very tight.
  • Ledge: Ribba Ledge (45″) from Ikea. For all my little paint jars.
  • Shelf: Billy Wall Shelf from Ikea. Three are two of them, one is really high up for infrequently used items that we can’t through out, but might need (e.g., Resume Folios etc.)
  • Peg Board: From HomeDepot that I painted to match the wall color.

This was NOT an easy project and putting things into a mis-shapen closet is clearly not for the faint of heart.  I love how it turned out and think it is super practical. Now I can easily spend lots of quality time with my Post-It notes and binder clips without having to pull out 6 dozen boxes.

This has happened in my life and I actually cried tears of happiness. I have label for my label maker and my labels.
2012 07 Office Organization (4)

Monica (Geller from Friends, for those of you who can’t read my mind) would be so proud of me.

Post-Its to help figure out the drawer contents:
2012 07 Office Organization (1)

Guest Room Closet

Our guestroom’s decor is pea-cock based. But being risk-averse as we are, we are very conservative with the wall colors, but decided to do something crazy inside the closet.

Inspired by Sherry’s amazing stencil job, I was thinking about doing something similar around our house. Then, I saw this gloss-on-matte stencil version, and realized that it was more our speed. So I got the peacock stencil from Royal Design Studio and went for it.

The shelves and rods are Allen + Roth from Lowe’s.

We really liked how it turned out. It’s got plenty of storage for the guests, and we can store some stuff in there too. Also, it’s a pop of color when the guests open the door.

Guestroom Closet