Minion Garland

2013 06 Minion Garland (1)

While watching the Despicable Me 2 trailer for the bazillionth time, I noticed a minion garland in the girl’s room.

2013 06 Minion Garland (5)

I thought it would be a fun thing to decorate the car as we drove down to Orlando to watch the movie. So I cut out minions from yellow felt and sewed them into a garland on the sewing machine. It is super untidy, but the husband liked it and refuses to take it out of the car.

2013 06 Minion Garland (2)

2013 06 Minion Garland (3)

2013 06 Minion Garland (4)


I got my husband advanced screening tickets for Despicable Me 2.  Despicable Me is one of his favorite movies, so we’ve been looking forward to the new movie for a while! It was at 10am in Orlando, so we had to get up at 6am and drive so that we could get there in time. I made some pancakes for before the trip. I think it got us started in the right mood.

2013 06 Minion Pancakes (2)
2013 06 Minion Pancakes (5) 2013 06 Minion Pancakes (4)
2013 06 Minion Pancakes (3) 2013 06 Minion Pancakes (1)

The movie is awesome – in case you are interested. One of the best sequels I’ve seen. Right up there with GF2 🙂

The Husband’s 33rd Birthday (Part 1)

The husband turned 33. Which is awesome because that is a palindrome in both decimal and binary (10001).

The day started with some pancakes with candles. The candles were supposed to stand up on their own, but they were too flimsy, so I just lay them flat. Not a v.g. start to the day.


He had asked for a Despicable Me party. The minions are his favorite. So, I threw him a minion party for two (three if you count Dave :D).


I attempted to make a minion with a banana cake. It came out looking more like a Frankenstein minion mashup. I still don’t have the hang of how to work the damn fondant.


In the movie, the three girls sell cookies. So I made him some cookies. The recipes are onIMG_9629

Cookie Close-ups:





I found the images of the cookie boxes online and printed them on a color printer, so he would know what he was eating.


And, of course, the cookie robots:

As a sidebar, in case you are wondering how does one bake 5 types of cookies simultaneously, I present organized baking :

We also had some drinks:

For dinner, we had a giant minion calzone:

The real icing on the cake for the party (or balloon in the sky, if you will) was that after his Birthday, we went to Miami for a couple of days and actually got to see the Minion blimp!

None of these ideas are mine. All inspiration links (mostly to little girl birthday parties – but don’t tell the husband 😉 ) can be found on this Pinterest board.