Kidney Cake

My colleague had kidney stones, so I made him a kidney cake. Because you can’t eat a get well soon card.

Kidney Cake 1

It is a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting that I died red. I put chocolate stones inside it to represent the kidney stones.

Kidney Cake 2

Kidney Cake 3

Nose Cake

My colleague had a nose job to help her breathe, so I made her a nose cake to help her recover from the surgery.

Nose Cake 2

This is a strawberry cake with strawberry buttercream, covered in fondant. I used chocolate sprinkles for the nose hair.

Nose Cake 1

Arm Cast Cake

One of the husband’s colleague broke his arm while riding his bike. My husband’s response to this news was “It helps to keep the bike upright”.

In the tradition of cheering up acquaintances with broken limbs, I made him a broken arm in a cast cake. Yes, the fingers do like like toes. I sent some food-writing pens  (this brand is horrible, BTW and will not write on fondant) with the cake, so everyone could sign it.

2013 06 Arm Cake (1)

I did sneak some bones and raspberry jam and candy bones in there too.
2013 06 Arm Cake (3)

Foot-in-cast Cake

2013 02 Foot Cake (3)

My very sweet colleague broke her foot, so I had a brainwave to make her a cake.  I looked for inspiration on the Interwebs, and found this at Cake Central. I tried to re-create it and failed. This was a second attempt at a fondant covered cake, and first time at coloring the fondant.

2013 02 Foot Cake (2)

I was sneaky and stuck some “bones” in the foot. It’s anatomically correct – the tibia and fibula.

2013 02 Foot Cake (4)

2013 02 Foot Cake (1)

Not great, but yummier than a card. Chocolate Cake Recipe & Chocolate Butter Cream Icing Recipe. The cake was delicious, but too crumbly for staking and decorating purposes.

Update: Here is what the cake looked after it was cutup: 2013 02 Foot Cake (6)
I like how the bones just fell out it 😀