Cake Pops!

I finally did it. I jumped on the cake-pop bandwagon. This is my first attempt, so I was quite pleased. They are messy and not smooth, but I blame the crumbly cake for that :D.

2013 03 Cake Pops

I was using left over red-velvet sheet cake that I cut into hearts using a cookie cutter. The inspiration for this was from all the heart cake-pop pictures and videos all over the Internets.

Mini-Heart Cakes

I made this for the husband on Valentine’s day, but I wasn’t done decorating it till the weekend. It’s ready now and we ate it and it’s delicious.  It’s probably the most complicated cake that I’ve made it, with the most number of ingredients and steps.

2013 02 Heart Cake

2013 02 Heart Cake

2013 02 Heart Cake

The recipe I used was Martha Stewart’s.

2013 02 Heart Cake

Valentine’s Day Cookies

In our house, everyday is Valentine’s Day *insert barfing sounds here*

But, instead of just sending a card to my in-laws, I made these cookies for a care package. My mother in-law is a chocolate fiend, so there is always lots of chocolate in there. My husband picked Snickerdoodles and Oatmeal Raisin cookies as the other two types of cookies. I tried to make them festive, but I couldn’t manage it with the Oatmeal ones. Maybe I’ll add some candy melts in there next time.

2013 02 Packaged Cookies

Chocolate Cut Out Cookies [Recipe] that I dipped in chocolate and the sprinkled some love on them.
This is a useful video on how to temper chocolate so it doesn’t turn into a messy goop.

2013 02 V-Day Chocolate Cookie (5) 2013 02 V-Day Chocolate Cookie (6) 2013 02 V-Day Chocolate Cookie (4)
2013 02 V-Day Chocolate Cookie (3) 2013 02 V-Day Chocolate Cookie (2) 2013 02 V-Day Chocolate Cookie (1)

Snikerdoodles [Recipe] rolled in colored sugar and sprinkles [Inspiration & Tips]. Messy & Fun to make.

2013 02 V-Day Snickerdoodle

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies (with chocolate ;)) [Recipe]

2013 02 Oatmeal Raisin

Valentine’s Day Pancakes

I made these Valentine’s Day Pancakes for the husband. They are just regular buttermilk pancakes with red food coloring. While it was still hot, I placed a heart shaped doily on it and sifted some powdered sugar on top to get the design.

2013 02 Valentine's Pancakes (2)

2013 02 Valentine's Pancakes (1)