Tandoori Chicken Dinner

I tried to make some tandoori chicken (for the first time) that didn’t come out of a jar. So I found this video and followed her recipe. We’re pretty pleased with how it came out.  The pickled shallots are there to give it the “authentic feel” – and I love how they taste.

I also made Daal Makhni and Jeera Rice to go with the chicken. The veggies are Spring Onions with Trader Joe’s teeny-tiny potatoes and pepper mushroom.

I couldn’t help take a picture of the spice mise-en-place.

Goat Curry Dinner

This is one of my favorite meals: Goat curry with potato, eggplant fried in chickpea (besan) batter and fried okra. It’s served with a salad, papad (or papadoms if you like), yoghurt and a mango milkshake.

2013 01 Indian Dinner

2013 01 Indian Dinner (2)

I got all these dishes from Worldmarket.