You Know Nothing

My husband and I blew threw the first three seasons of Game of Thrones earlier this summer. It may or may not have lead to some night terrors.

Jon Snow and Ygritte were our favorites, so when I saw a pattern on Etsy, I had to make it. This is a napkin that the husband can take to work with his lunch.

2012 07 Game of Thrones (2)

2012 07 Game of Thrones (1)

Also, I saw this on Pinterest and it made me crack up:

Fun fact: In 1912, Ygritte was working as a maid at Downton Abbey and took a type writing course. She then went on to be a secretary.


I like to celebrate National Pi-Day as much as anyone else. So, I looked around the Interwebs and found the idea for mini-pi-pies at Instructables and carried it out on a much much smaller scale. 2013 03 14 Pi Day Pies (1)

I made some of Pioneer Woman’s perfect pie crust [Recipe] and had 5 fillings:

  1. Mango [Recipe]
  2. Apple [Recipe]
  3. Blueberry [Recipe]
  4. Strawberry [Recipe]
  5. Chocolate: I just poured some chocolate ganache into the a pre-baked crust

These are going in my husbands lunch tomorrow. I also made him a 22/7 napkin to go with his pi-pies.

2013 03 14 Pi Day Pies (2)

These pi-pies are dedicated to my favorite math teacher in the world, to whom I probably owe my career and my wonderful life.