I like to celebrate National Pi-Day as much as anyone else. So, I looked around the Interwebs and found the idea for mini-pi-pies at Instructables and carried it out on a much much smaller scale. 2013 03 14 Pi Day Pies (1)

I made some of Pioneer Woman’s perfect pie crust [Recipe] and had 5 fillings:

  1. Mango [Recipe]
  2. Apple [Recipe]
  3. Blueberry [Recipe]
  4. Strawberry [Recipe]
  5. Chocolate: I just poured some chocolate ganache into the a pre-baked crust

These are going in my husbands lunch tomorrow. I also made him a 22/7 napkin to go with his pi-pies.

2013 03 14 Pi Day Pies (2)

These pi-pies are dedicated to my favorite math teacher in the world, to whom I probably owe my career and my wonderful life.