Shaun the Sheep Cakes

For the husband’s birthday this year, he asked for a Shaun the Sheep cake. So, I made three cakes: Shaun, Timmy and Shirley. These three guys are our favorite characters in the TV show.

2014 04 Shaun the Sheep (2)


2014 04 Shaun the Sheep (3)

Shaun, of course.

2014 04 Shaun the Sheep (4)

2014 04 Shaun the Sheep (1)

And, last but of course not the least, Shirley. This Shirley cake was inspired by the Shape up with Shaun episode. I made a list of all the things that fall out of Shirley and put them in the cake.

2014 04 Shaun the Sheep (5)

I couldn’t find any Shaun the Sheep super-fans on the Inter-webs who had a made a list of objects that have been found in Shirley’s fur/wool.  So, I’m making one here:

Red Lollipop
Chocolate Bar
Chocolate Cake Slice
Chocolate Chip Cookie
Pink Donut
Ice-Cream Cone
Jiggly Jelly Mold
Whipped Cream Can

Shaun The Sheep

It is no secret that both the husband and I love Shaun the Sheep. I found this kit online at, and decide to make this as my Christmas present for my husband. As usual, it took up much longer than expected and going was very slow. In the end, I couldn’t finish it before Christmas, but I did get it done a few days after New Years, and cleaned & farmed (in an Ikea frame). The eyes are a bit a wonky, but I like how the rest of it came out.