Tandoori Chicken Dinner

I tried to make some tandoori chicken (for the first time) that didn’t come out of a jar. So I found this video and followed her recipe. We’re pretty pleased with how it came out.  The pickled shallots are there to give it the “authentic feel” – and I love how they taste.

I also made Daal Makhni and Jeera Rice to go with the chicken. The veggies are Spring Onions with Trader Joe’s teeny-tiny potatoes and pepper mushroom.

I couldn’t help take a picture of the spice mise-en-place.

So Spicey!

One of my favorite blogs IHeartOrganizing‘s monthly organizing challenge area for February is the Kitchen.  So, in that spirit, I’m sharing what my spice cabinet looks like. I have a lot of spices and I love my lazy-susans. Most of them are Indian spices (that I buy in bulk from the Indian stores), but I have other stuff too: Mexican spice packets, Asian spices, Jerk and other spice rubs.

Spice Cabinet

Bottom Shelf: I have two double tier lazy susans. I have small labels on my little Ikea Rajtan jars. I know what the spices are, so I don’t rely on the labels too much. But I am excited to update them. I love the Ikea jars, I’ve made spice boxes with these jars for at least three friends of mine.
2013 02 Spice Cabinet (3)

The red boxes are just random boxes that I modge-podged some red paper on. Nothing really special here. The boxes make it easy to bring things down.
2013 02 Spice Cabinet (4)

My spice box is in a drawer right below my cabinet.

Spice Box

My sweet mother in law got me this spice box for Christmas. I use it for my powdered spices. I got the teeny-tiny spoons from India.