Spud Cake

My parent’s dog Spud died. When my mom came to visit, I made here a cake. Because you can’t eat a condolences card. It doesn’t really look like him – but neither would the dog on a card.

Spud Cake

This is a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.


I love dogs, especially big ones like Labradors and St. Bernards.  But we lived in an apartment, so my mom wouldn’t let me get one because we didn’t have a yard blah blah blah. Three weeks before I left India, my parents got the cutest little Lab, who effectively replaced me in their lives. I’m not bitter. At all.

He looked like a little golden potato when he slept, so I named him Spud.

The last time I visited my parents, I spent sometime taking pictures of Spud (or Spuddy as he is now called).  Like me, he is very lazy. I guess, it runs in the family.


I also made cookies in his likeness.








My mom had a good point about having a yard. Spuddy loves rolling around in it. Spud