Essence of Turtles

I made this cake for my husband for our Anniversary this year.  This cake doesn’t really look that good because I was trying out some new stuff:
Cake: White Box Cake
Frosting: Marshmallow Frosting – this is more like a meringue recipe (This is another recipe that kind of sounds better)
Fondant: Marshmallow Fondant – I think I didn’t put enough water in the mixture, so it was way to sticky and messy, and very hard to roll out.

I also cheated and used the lego figures instead of decorating the cake, because I am lazy and was frustrated with the fondant.

2013 08 TMNT Cake (4)

2013 08 TMNT Cake (3)

It is very symbolic: 4 years represented by the 4 layer cake representing the 4 turtles. So deep!

2013 08 TMNT Cake (5)

2013 08 TMNT Cake (1)

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Abstract Turtles

I made some abstract Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle pancakes for my husband this weekend. This breakfast really kicked his ass  (get it? get it? because they are ninjas). This is my Pinspiration (I can’t find the original source)

2013 08 TMNT Pancakes (2)

There was a lot of batter left over, so I made lots more turtles to freeze. That gave me the pile of turtles: 2013 08 TMNT Pancakes (3)

And, this is what a bag of turtles looks like.

2013 08 TMNT Pancakes (1)

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